Customer Service

I heard that you are providing yarn for the US Olympic Team uniforms, can you tell me more?

Please go to to watch a video that tells the story.

How do I wash my finished project made from your yarn?

We recommend hand washing all projects made with Imperial Yarn in lukewarm water.  Rinse well and then squeeze out excess water.  Place on a padded surface (a clean dry towel works well,) block to desired measurements and leave to dry.  Please be aware that all of our yarns are untreated wool and will felt if they are exposed to hot water and agitation.  We do not recommend washing in a machine, but use caution if you do.

Does your yarn felt?

Yes.  All of our yarns are untreated wool and all of them will felt.  Please be aware that dye colors can influence felting rates.  We suggest always knitting and felting a swatch before beginning a project.

I am knitting one of your patterns and having some trouble or think I have found a mistake.  Who should I contact?

Please email us at For the fastest response please include the pattern name and number, page number, section name and exact text of the line(s) causing the difficulty.

I am knitting with the Bulky 2 Strand pencil roving and it keeps breaking, do you have any suggestions?

Begin by placing the cake beside you while knitting.  Instead of tugging on the roving to unwind the cake, unwrap the roving giving yourself a length to knit with.  Working on a smooth surface (finished wood or leather furniture) can help prevent snags. Breaks in the Bulky 2 Strand can be spit spliced together (download our tutorial here OR has a good set of instructions here.)  Finally, very tight knitters may always be frustrated by the tenderness of Bulky 2 Strand pencil roving, so to them we suggest trying our Native Twist yarn.  This yarn knits at a similar gauge and can be substituted for Bulky 2 Strand with great success.

I would like to purchase a pattern only, not the whole kit. How do I proceed?

All Imperial Yarn patterns are available for purchase as PDF downloads on Ravelry.  You may also want to check our retail partner list. There are stores stocking our yarns and patterns across the country and many of them also sell online.

I am looking for a specific color of a specific yarn and I can’t find it on your website. Can you suggest where else to look?

Please check our retail partner list.  Even though we may not have the yarn in stock, often it can be found at a retail store in your area. If you need further assistance please send us an email at

I am outside of the USA can I purchase your yarn?

Yes.  We sell to both retail customers and wholesale customers who are outside of the USA.  Please be aware that as the purchaser you will be responsible for any import taxes.  Because shipping times are determined by your country’s customs agency and postal service, we cannot guarantee delivery dates outside of the USA.

I run a LYS, can I become a customer?

Yes! We would love to have you.  Please contact us and we’ll get back to you with pricing information, minimums and other company policies.

I am a Hand Knitting Yarn Designer, and would love to work with your yarn.  How should I proceed?

Please email design proposals, and requests for yarn support to  We evaluate each project individually and will get back to you about your request promptly.

I am an Apparel Designer/Manufacturer looking to source American Yarn. Can I purchase from you?

We would love to work with you! Please email, with information about your company, products and type(s) of yarn desired.

Where is your yarn milled?

We are fortunate to have strong relationships with several U. S. mills, each with different capabilities allowing us to offer a wide variety of products. These value chain partners are key to our efforts to supply an American product start to finish.