Proudly Doing Our Part – Climate Beneficial Wool

Proudly Doing Our Part, Providing Climate Beneficial Verified Wool, Because It Matters

Imperial Yarn with partnered with Fibershed in 2017 to proudly offer our customers beautiful Yarns, Fabrics & Finished Goods made exclusively with Climate Beneficial Verified Wool that is traceable back to the ranch of origin. Domestic fiber that has been responsibly grown and ethically harvested by hard-working men and women that make their living stewarding their flocks and making the best use of their agricultural resources through mindful carbon-farm planning and implementation, all of which is designed to move the ranch to having a climate beneficial, net-negative green house gas operation. It matters now more than ever and we are proud to do our part!


What is Climate Beneficial Wool & 
Why Is It Important?
Making a Difference One Step at a Time




Each year our ranches implement and continually improve the practices outlined on their completed carbon-farm plan, as a way to enhance   eco-system function year by year.  These plans include long term and short term goals, as well as measures that they plan to implement to systematically reach those goals. These measures may include things like restoring vegetation to fresh water creeks, planting cover-crops and hedge rows, no-till farming, solar powered water distribution, etc. Each carbon-farm plan is customized to the ranch, and aims to protect and enhance the natural resources already available, and is meant to be a consistently evolving for more advanced carbon sequestering.

Our Ever Increasing Annual Contribution to the Greater Good

The two ranches that are the source of the Climate Beneficial Wool for Imperial Yarn are able to sequester 2,969 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent each year. They are able to offset the emissions from 631 passenger vehicles per year. This is equivalent to 6,877 barrels of soil, or 3,246,495 pounds of coal burned. These ranches are able to offset the emissions for a single person flying economy 927 times, on round trip flights from Heathrow (London) to JFK (New York). – Fibershed & Carbon Cycle Institute 




How Does the Farmer/Rancher Benefit?







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