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  • Pacarino™ Field Jacket


    This unisex, half-zip, pullover jacket is a must-have for the changing seasons. The creamy natural alpaca and merino wool is knit beautifully, into a warm and flexible fabric, warm with an ultra-soft hand. Durable enough for mornings in the field and stylish enough for an evening in the city. Easy to pull on and slide off, making it great for layering, thanks to the generous zipper. Try it today and experience the magnificence of American Grown Luxury.

    Size Chart Sleeve Chest Waist
    Extra Small 32 34-35 28
    Small 33 36-38 29-30
    Medium 34 39-41 31-33
    Large 35 42-44 34-36
    Extra Large 36 45-47 37-38
    Extra, Extra Large 37 48-50 40-42
  • Smith Rock Alpaca Jacket


    The Smith Rock Jacket was a long time in the making.  We wanted to create something that was a jacket that the wearer would never be without.  Well we did it.  Natural Color Alpaca blended together making this natural heather.  We take the blended fiber and circular knit it into a pile fabric.  Some call it sherpa.  We used Repreve recycled nylon to knit the jacket together.   We labeled this product 93% Alpaca, then remaining 7 percent nylon is the trims, zippers, pockets and thread.  This jacket is soft to the touch and as always alpaca is thermoregulating.  Meaning, it will keep you at the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold.  Alpaca is naturally hypoallengic, antimicrobial and just a wonderful natural fiber.  The fiber length on the jacket is 3/8’s.  It’s thick and warm just like the alpaca that grew the fiber.  Care is hand wash cold, dry flat.

  • Smith Rock Alpaca Vest – Field to Fashion


    A grand example of field to fashion…it’s what we do, it’s what we love!

    Premium American alpaca fiber of all shades is lovingly grown by our friends in the field. Once a year, before the heat of the Summer, the fiber is gently harvested, sorted, scoured and washed.  All of the colors are carded, combed and blended together resulting in a beautiful (undyed) heather.

    The alpaca fiber is then knit into pile fabric utilizing recycled nylon thread as a binder (think sherpa, only natural fiber). The fabric is trimmed to 3/8″ pile length, rolled, and then it’s off to cut and sew where it is fashionably transformed into vests, jackets and hats for The IY Collection.