Our Back 40 – The Hand-Painted Collection

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Now, Your Favorite 100% Premium, Climate Beneficial, American Alpaca Yarn Offered In A Beautiful Hand-Painted Collection. Soft As Cashmere, With Unmatched Luster, This Three Ply, 100% Royal-Grade Alpaca, Sport Weight Yarn Will Make You Swoon. The Luxurious Color Collection Offers Bright & Bold Colors With A Silky Touch & Luminosity. Hand-Painted Colors That Are Carefully Blended To Create Project-Popping Depth Of Color And Fluidity To Your Piece.


Vineyard                       Grove                      Autumn Maple           Mystic Moon

Vineyard = Beautiful Blend of Emerald, Wine, and Golden Wheat

Grove = Crisp Blend of Steely Blue, Sage Green, and Copper

Autumn Maple = Warm Blend of Amber, Rose, and Copper

Mystic Moon = Enchanting Blend of Emerald, Amethyst, with Titanium Lowlights and Golden Highlights


  •  Artisan Hand-Painted
  •  100% Royal-Grade Alpaca
  •  50-gram
  • Hanks = 190 Yd.Sport Weight

All Products Are Proudly Made In The United States Of America With 100% American Grown Fiber. Climate Beneficial Verified by Fibershed.