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The details are where stewardship comes to life.

The Imperial Stock Ranch has received numerous awards for excellence in stewardship and land-management practices. We chalk it up to a long-standing tradition—140 years—of responsible stock raising and mindful land guardianship. We carefully manage our livestock in ways that enhance the environment, working closely with many private and public agencies.

Our grazing animals vitalize plants, harvest sunlight and help keep healthy stands of vegetation growing on the high desert landscape. The ranch’s 150 miles of creeks and many lakes also benefit the ever-improving fish and wildlife populations. Low input farming practices are exclusively used, from which soil is actually created, not lost.

As a family-owned ranch, we believe an ever-improving landscape leads to a healthy ranch economy, which in turn directly contributes to the vitality of our local and regional community. We invite you to be collaborators in the process by enjoying the fibers, garments and educational partnerships offered by the Imperial Stock Ranch. Together, we’ll move toward a sustainable future.

The American Wool Tradition