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Here's a sampling of what knitters and fiber artists are saying about Imperial Stock Ranch products.

I made the Sumptuous Cowl this weekend (great pattern.)

I made the Sumptuous Cowl this weekend (great pattern) and wore it to work today!  Everyone fell in love with it and of course I took a sample of your yarn to show off what it was made of!  Thanks for a great product!

Leigh Radford

I feel so fortunate for the opportunity to work with Imperial Stock Ranch. I love their yarn (the pencil roving is my favorite!) and to partner with a company that is as committed to producing a high quality US wool product while implementing farming and ranching practices that sustain our natural resources is important to me.

It's like you created a dream

"This is one of those unique examples of being able to walk the talk as it relates to products.... a story to tell.... values that match your own. It's like you created a dream of what you wanted to see...and then found the Imperial Stock Ranch."

These are people who truly do care

"Our company representatives who made the initial site visit to the Imperial Stock Ranch near Shaniko, came back 'wide-eyed' over what the Carvers have created there. When you hear Dan Carver share his philosophy of land management... and Jeanne tell her 'sunlight story' of harvesting the grasses with grazing animals who convert that sunlight to food and fiber which give us's impressive to be reminded that this is still happening today, as it has for thousands of years. These are people who truly do care, and are committing their lives to doing the right thing."

Nature's delicate balance

"Imperial Stock Ranch products and tours make urban people more aware of nature's delicate balance, as well as its beauty and bounty."

Imperial Fiber is a Great Product

"Imperial Fiber is a great product for us. Not only is it local, but it's an extremely versatile yarn that's great even for beginners. It's easy for them to work with, and it dyes beautifully!"

Absolute Magic

"Imperial Stock Ranch yarns and Leigh Radford designs together, are absolute magic!"

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