Yarn Luxe 2023 – Exclusive Bi-monthly Subscription for Knitters (EARLY BIRD)

Starts at $150.00

$50 Savings – Early Bird Discount, if you join us before December 15th

Yarn Luxe is our exclusive bimonthly, subscription based program for knitters, bringing you luxurious projects including beautiful American Made yarns, exclusive patterns, hand-selected gifts a, packaged and delivered directly to your door, 6 times a year!

As a member, you will look forward to receiving a special delivery every other month, the last week of January, March, May, July, September, and November. That is 6 unforgettable projects, complete with gifts, surprises, discounts, limited time offers, ranch stories and news that are exclusive to our Yarn Luxe Family.

Ordering is Easy, so Santa if you are watching, we can help you spoil well behaved and naughty knitters alike!

Choose Your Favorite Shade Collection From:

  •         Warm – Reds, Oranges, Golds, Oatmeal, Fawn
  •         Cool – Blues, Purples, Greens, Pinks
  •         Neutral – Black, Natural, and Shades of Gray
  •         Surprise – I will personally hand select shades for you!

Choose How You Will Pay:

  •         One Time Payment of $450 (Early Bird Special Value Until 12/15/2022)


  •         3 Easy Monthly Payments of $150…(Early Bird Special Value Until 12/15/2022)

1st $150 Payment Charged at Time of Purchase

2nd $150 Payment Charged on January 2, 2023

3rd (Final) $150 Payment Charged on February 2, 2023