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  • Pacarino™ Felted Soap


    Premium, artisan made soaps, hand-felted with our Climate Beneficial Pacarino™ fiber.

    If you haven’t experienced washing with a felted soap…It is time and you are welcome, as these soaps aren’t only beautiful, they are also designed for the holistic health of your skin! Each bar is superbly scented and specially formulated to clean, moisturize and protect, while the Pacarino™ gently exfoliates and polishes your skin.  We are so honored to work with Rough Cut Soaps on this co-branded opportunity.  We supply the fiber and they make and felt the soap.

    Benefits of Washing With Pacarino™ Felted Soap: 

     – Produces a luxurious lather to clean, polish and protect your skin in one easy step.

     – Pacarino™ is naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and odor-resistant..This means no funky washcloth smells to worry about.

    – Pacarino™ dries quickly and will extend the life of your soap…This means no melted soap goo on the side of your tub and a bar that lasts up to 3 months.

    – Pacarino™ provodes a Non-Slip Grip – Easy to hold – Great for children and the elderly.