Yarn Luxe

Growers direct to consumer.  Looking for a wonderful grower box of yarn?  Yarn Luxe is a box filled with history and exciting goodies.  Like to knit?  Got Yarn?  Yarn Luxe is a subscription box filled with a special yarn, exclusive patter, gift and goodies.  How often do you receive a box?  Every other month, that means you will receive a box every 60 days.  When:  January, March, May, July, September and November.  Sometimes you will get a yarn that has a special color story, or something spun just for our subscription members or….something that is just so very special.  We are ranchers and designers.  We love raising and sharing our animals “production crop” with you.  What’s more special than wool fresh off a sheep, alpaca, or even a goat?  Nothing…..  Everything we do is made in American and grown in America.  All natural cellulose (plant) or Protein (animal) fiber.  Join in and get ready to wait by your mail box!