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  • Alpaca Dryer Balls+Family Size Spritz Gift-Set


    This gift set combines two Imperial customer favorites, three 100% alpaca felted dryer balls and a family size (8 oz.) lavender fields dryer ball spritz. 

    • Chemical-free laundry softening
    • Reduces drying times, lowering energy costs
    • Hypoallergenic – Perfect for the delicate skin of newborns and the most sensitive skin
    • Reduces Static Cling (Replaces Dryer Sheets)
    • Chemical-Free Laundry Softening
    • 100% American Made



  • KC166 – Elegant Luxury Scarf – Featuring Hand-painted OB40


    The Elegant Luxury Scarf, featured here with hand-painted Our Back 40, 100% Alpaca adds an extra level of depth and dimension to your finished piece. The crisp stitch definition shows off the simpler-than-it-looks Wavy Lace stitch design. The pattern happens to be both written out and charted, making it an excellent choice for anyone new to lace knitting or following charts. Since it’s knitted lengthwise, it’s easy to adjust the scarf’s finished length or even join the ends to create a luxurious infinity scarf.

  • KC90 Wilmington Shawl Kit


    The Wilmington Shawl is the epitome of style, grace and elegance. Knit from 100% Cashmere grade, American Alpaca, the softness of hand goes without saying, but the impeccable stitch definition highlights the texture of the star stitch pattern and lace detail.  Given the overall drape and illustrious luster of the finished garment, the Wilmington is one that will not soon be forgotten.


  • KC91 Domino Hat Kit


    The Domino Hat is as soft and as warm as it is striking. This two-color Fair Isle design knits up quickly with the sport weight yarn held double. Our Back 40 is 100% Cashmere Grade American Alpaca that has been Climate Beneficial Verified by Fiber Shed.  Your kit will arrive with 1 skein each of your chosen main color and contrast color (2 skeins) , Imperial Collection Pattern, and Our Iconic Bell. It arrives handsomely packaged in a lightweight, drawstring project bag, ready to earn its place among the ranks as your next project or to be presented to your favorite artisan as a gift. Happy Knitting!

  • Smith Rock Pile Hat (Sherpa Hat)


    The Rock Pile Sherpa Hat was a long time in the making.  We wanted to create something that the wearer would never be without.  Well we did it.  Natural Heather Alpaca knitted into a pile fabric.  Some call it sherpa.  We used Repreve recycled nylon to knit the fabric together.   We labeled this product 93% Alpaca and then the other 7 percent is what we believe to be the thread used in sewing and backing on the fabric.   This Hat is soft to the touch and as always alpaca is thermoregulating.  Meaning, it will keep you at the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too warm.  Alpaca is naturally hypoallergic, antimicrobial and just a wonderful natural fiber.  The fiber length is 3/8’s thick and warm just like the alpaca that grew the fiber.  Care is hand wash cold, dry flat.